Revolutionize Your Workflow

Review staffing has always been a pretty straight-forward endeavor – you email your contact at a staffing agency and they come back to you with a handful of resumes to approve. There was never any technology involved throughout the process and what happens in the background to get you that review team was never really thought about. Altorney was created to change that.  

We have looked at each stage of the process in order to determine what can be automated, what simply adds costs to the project with little value added, and
what clients (and reviewers) really need to know throughout. The result is a marketplace platform like no other – one that puts the control in the hands of the
end users, provides transparency together with lower costs to the clients, and higher pay rates to the reviewers. Impossible you say? Try it for yourself and see how we make the impossible a reality.

The Inspiration

Inspired by being in both the reviewer’s and client’s positions, we felt there was a need for a platform to create a process to connect both.

Customer Centric

We offer services and features to help make document reviewing easy and efficient for our clients, while also providing benefit to our reviewers.

Altorney Today

Each and every day we are improving our platform, creating better and more helpful features that connect reviewers with clients.

Over 10+ Years Experience

What Truly Sets Us Apart

We're the only review platform that’s powered by technology. This allows clients to connect directly with the reviewers who will be handling their review in real-time. We provide the reviewers with the ability to create their own schedules, pay rates, and exactly the projects they are looking for, and then match this to the client’s
requirements, creating a seamless process.



Average time to start receiving matches



Time in which most cases are fully staffed

Shimmy Messing


Shimmy has over 20 years of experience in executive management, eDiscovery  and the litigation technology industry. A proven manager of people, processes, and technology, his ability to seamlessly integrate all three with relentless efficiency providing amazing client experiences has resulted in his being a leading force in the industry as evident from his multiple successful exits. Shimmy cofounded Altorney with his brother Rachi in 2022. Previously he cofounded Responsive Data Solutions, an outsourced provider of legal technology services to law firms and corporate legal departments, in 2007.

Upon merging with Advanced Discovery In 2014 with the financial backing of Private Equity Company Trivest, he became the CTO and grew the organization fivefold to its exit to Consilio in 2018. Prior to Responsive Data Solutions, Shimmy was the Director of Operations, Electronic Services for Merrill Corporation. Shimmy earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems at Towson University in Maryland. He has provided both early and late stage venture funding with holdings in fintech, ecommerce, healthcare, real estate, nano technologies and professional services. Shimmy lives in Baltimore, Maryland where he resides with his wife and three children.

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Rachi Messing


Rachi is well known in the eDiscovery industry, having worked for 25 years in the Global Compliance space developing technology strategy for both the Service Provider and Software development space.  Rachi cofounded Altorney with his brother Shimmy in 2022.  Previously, Rachi worked as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft in their Corporate, External, & Legal Affairs department. In that role, he managed and promoted the use of advanced technology solutions for the eDiscovery team.

Before joining CELA he spent four years working in the Office 365 Information Protection product group, helping to create and build eDiscovery, Data Governance, and Compliance features. He is an advisory board member of ACEDS and EDRM. Prior roles include being part of the Equivio management team, the founding team at DiscoverReady, and managing eDiscovery at RLS. He got his start in the industry at Merrill Corporation. Rachi is based out of Israel and enjoys hosting a bi-weekly video chat series on the eDiscovery Channel on YouTube.

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