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Our Advantages

Altorney allows both clients & reviewers to expand their services & work while growing within our unique platform.

First Of Its Kind

We are the only tech platform which allows clients to find the right professionals to review their legal documents.

Efficient Process

Our process is seamless, and our platform is designed to make the user
experience easy and intuitive.

Partnership Building

Our platform allows users to create trust in their document review process,
allowing for a variety of growth.

Fully Integrated Support

We offer support to both the client & reviewer, affording them the opportunity to
work on their own terms.

Client Features

Our platform grants clients access to a full range of features that enhance and
strengthen the reviewing experience.
Recruiting Process
No more emails back and forth – everything you need is in one place.
Straightforward Pricing
You choose what the pay rate for the reviewers will be and we apply a straight 25% markup on top.
Managing The Reviewers
You'll oversee reviewers, view their schedules, and on-board/off-board with ease.
On Your Time
We allow you to rate reviewers and manage your scheduling requirements.

Reviewer Features

In our platform, we offer reviewers with features & tools to allow them to expand their work & experience.
Match based on skills
We'll match you with reviews based on your expertise and desired pay rate. You decide what is best for you.
Access to a variety of perks
Offering referral bonuses, care options, mentorships, training, and more.
Manage Your Availability
You have the ability to set your own schedule and timing to be paired with the right reviews.
Notifications For You
We'll let you know when you've been matched through text, email, and in-app.

Introducing Altorney Manage

Welcome to Altorney Manage, your gateway to revolutionizing document review team management. Streamline, empower,
and achieve unparalleled efficiency with our cutting-edge platform. Altorney Manage allows you to seamlessly oversee
your internal team and Altorney-hired document reviewers, putting you in control. Set budgets, assign tasks, and elevate
your workflow to new heights.

Join the future of legal innovation with Altorney Manage!
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Easily Submit Your Case Information

Start by submitting your case information, and we'll help match you with the best
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You Get To Set Your Desired Price

Unlike staffing agencies, after inputting your case information we grant you the power and flexibility to control a budget that works for you and your project.

Get Paired With Matches In Minutes

We will pair you almost instantly with the right reviewers within your desired asking price and required skill set.
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Start Saving On Average 20% Every Year

Begin saving money with each document review case with us, all while getting a higher quality reviewer.

We Help You Save Time, Effort, & Money

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Customer Testimonials

Listen to what our existing clients have to say.

"I have used many staffing agencies in the past, but this new platform is amazing. Altorney has saved me valuable time and helped me provide better service to my clients."

Alexandra H.

Manager Of Staffing

"I've been using the Altorney platform for several months now and it has completely transformed the way I work. The platform is user-friendly and super easy to manage."

Jason M.

Director Of Legal Technology

"The professionals who review my documents are top-notch, and the Altorney team is always responsive. The insights I get when picking my review team are like nothing I have had access to before."  

Howard R.

Recruiting Manager

“Altorney has been a game-changer for our firm. The ability to find a specialized team that fits within our budget without needing a recruiter is saving us time and money.”

Joanne K.

E-Discovery Director

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